Imagine yourself as a wary cat.
Keenly attuned to its environtment.
Conciously and deliberately gather stability information throughout your tour.


1_a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation:
Disappearance is an enigma that has given rise to much speculation.

2_A puzzling or contradictory character:
To me she has always been an enigma, one minute completely insensitive, the next moved to tears.

3_a saying, question, picture, etc., containing a hidden meaning; riddle.

4_a enciphering machine developed for commercial use in the early 1920s and later adapted and appropriated by powers for military use.


Surface suspension

These words do not exist and these worlds do not exist. These sunlight is not real and this surface is not wrapping up any world and ultimately the world itself is not present at all. Back in the garden the leafs of the trees artificially pulsate in regular intervals and down below like in a dream roots hang fluttering in the immaterial void. Air remains in an uncertain and irresolute state of suspension. Substratum in the World extends beyond the boundary of the image but before the words. And these works are not in those worlds.

An empty room

In that space without object where everything imaginable is contained, a question is at all times arising: which is that force that makes possible such a sense of infinite?. But precisely it is the answer that which is not present in the empty room. One would like to think about these works as if they were windows in the walls of an empty room, where the location and size of those windows might be in permanent transformation being this one the ultimate solution to a puzzle.


Reduction: the act of reducing or the state of being reduced. Sooner or later one avoids redundant attachment. One halts the machine that is helping read this words.

After touching Ground

While being on surface, Surface might seem to be far less discernible than formerly predicted. A sudden intuition helps accept Surface as for what it really is. Then Number adds some sense of objectivity and a mirage forms in the horizon, yet ground and Surface still keep forming a unity that seems to be solid enogh to provide a feeling of consistency.

Bouncing between poles

Lets imagine a continuum of ideas, prototypes and reconsiderations in a spontaneous, perpetual self inquiry, where by default interrogation is generative and simultaneously deceptive. Or lets think about ourselves engaged in that particular state of beingness, between materiality and immateriality while at the same time still seems to be a ceratin notion of acceptance. Certainty, a wish expecting an unbiased confirmation to be delivered. A question then arises which can not be codified.

Engine renders the light

Engine says: “the observable universe can be thought of as a sphere that extends outwards from any observation point for 46.5 billion light years, going farther back in time and more redshifted the more distant away one looks”. Engineers are baffled.


To start things off go: [E,E], <Get Axe>, [N], <Get Ox>, <Say Bunyon>, <Swim>, [S], <Go Hole>, <Get Flint>, [U,W,W], <Get Ox>, <Get Fruit>, <Get Axe>, [E], <Climb Tree>, <Get Keys>, [D], <Chop Tree>, <Go Stump>, <Drop Fruit>, <Drop Axe>, <Drop Ox>, <Get Lamp>, <Rub Lamp>, <Rub Lamp>, <Get Bottle>, [D], <Go Hole>, <Unlock Door>, <Drop Keys>, <Light Lamp>, <Go Hall>, [D,S], <Get Bladder>, [N,U,U,U], <Get Rubies>, <Unlight Lamp>, [U], <Drop Rubies>, [U], <Get Gas>, <Go Stump>, [D], <Go Hole>, <Go Hall>, <Light Lamp>, [D,S,U], <Drop Bladder>, <Light Gas>, <Go Hole>, <Jump>, <Scream>, <Get Mirror>, <Go Throne>, <Get Crown>, [W], <Jump>, [W,D,N,U,U], <Unlight Lamp>, [U,U], <Drop Crown>, [D], <Go Hole>, <Light Lamp>, <Go Hall>, [D,D,D,W,D], <Get Rug>, [D], <Get Net>, <Unlight Lamp>, [D,E,E,S], <Go Stump>, <Drop Rug>, <Drop Mirror>, [U,N,E], <Get Fish>, [S,W], <Go Stump>, <Drop Fish>, <Drop Net>, [U], <Get Slime>, <Get Mud>, <Go Stump>, [D], <Go Hole>, <Light Lamp>, <Go Hall>, [D,N,N], <Pour Water>, <Get Bee>, <Get Honey>, [S,S,U,U,U,U,U], <Drop Mud>, [N], <Drop Bee>, <Get Egg>, [E], <Get Water>, [S,W], <Go Stump>, <Drop Honey>, <Drop Egg>, [D], <Go Hole>, <Go Hall>, [D,S,U], <Get Bricks>, [D,N,D,D,W,D,D], <Dam Lava>, <Pour Water>, <Drop Bottle>, <Drop Bricks>, <Get Firestone>, <Unlight Lamp>, [D,E,E,S], <Go Stump>, <Drop Firestone>, <Score>.


Currently based in Lower Silesia, Poland and since as long as I can remember I have been trying to open windows, perhaps by need, maybe by curiosity. I know I am not the only one trying to breath in the open air and I am very happy and thankful for that.

I share life with my wife and we dream together about a world where everybody can have the chance to open windows. Since we met we spend a lot of time in the mountains where one can not hide because there is no neeed to hide under the transparent air. We try to learn from this situation, we try to stay aware and keep a record of it in the project that together we started years ago “Commonheavens”.

I have been working with analog media since the early 90's as well with early computers since the late 80's. I always loved computers and have a deep respect for all the contradictions the use of machines brings. Do not use any social media cause silence is precious. I have been always trying to understand how machine works in a fundamental level and believed that life with it requires engagement and a will to discern its mechanisms.

And yet the works in this website are not only about hardware or software but about the mistery that can be distilled through their use and comprehension, through an open look to the world.

Between 1994 and 2015 I used to show the result of my work in cultural and art events such as:

And/Or Gallery Los Angeles, Arsenal Berlin, Transitio Mexico, Bienal de la Habana, Art London, DAM Gallery Frankfurt-Berlin, Art Taipei, Hartware Dortmund, La Laboral Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Ars Electronica, ICCI Tokyo, Arco Madrid, Sonar Barcelona, Centre Pompidou Paris, Next Five Minutes Amsterdam, Read-Me Moscow, Digital is not Analog Bologna, Moscow Biennial, ISSEA, The Influencers Barcelona, The Whitney Biennial New York, Transmediale Berlin, Seoul Contemporary Art Bienial.

I have been part of the Observatory Archives since their foundation in 1994. A research project on contemporary culture criticism based in the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona.

After 2016 I decided to finally give more space time and finally try to explore beyond “smoke courtains” and self imposed boundaries. To accomplish that I decided to completely step aside from the previous culture-art stage and so to renounce visibility in order to engage myself if possible in a humbly further and lighter research.

After some these last five years it felt like sharing here some impressions in this era of excess and emergency. And so what these web contains is a preview of the result of my research since 2013 done with the only purpose of opening windows.

For old projects you are welcom to go:


Of course you can contact me here: