WILD LIFE EXTENSION___________ _ .

1281 single renders
4k AMBIENT VIDEO, 44'44''

Extended from the render series WILD LIFE AFTER (2011)- In Progress


Your card has a wonderful high saturation, but it looks very dull. Same with the red used to block the sky. I have no idea why this is the case, but I don't think there is anything wrong with the card. We play those colors anyway, so the only reasonable option is to figure out how to get the colors for those times where we don't want red:

"Number is cautious and reasoned when rendering. A while ago, an off-duty forest inconsistency showed up at the New Unloading Node seeking data. By then that anomaly was known. Number and Color talked together, The proper protocol had been followed, until the retired node homeowner started twitching as if a reaction might just be the thing to flare up into heavy cover fire. Because Number never liked criticism, it was just feeling the stab in the psyche she hadn't quite confronted before and Kempton, who absolutely adored her poodle, made an effort to keep the unintended form of criticism of forests relevant. Firefighters sharing stories about Machine and the invisible loyal Poncho the Frenchie Dog, whose compassion outweighed the fact that the hero of their Fox storyline was a human driver, (Eccentric Diesel Masters mechanic Tyce Kuhn) who saved Machine from freakishly High Void Zero. Machine's inherent goodness, and her realistic respect for living relationships over mechanical prowess has left unsaid that the Node Drivers were never the first responders in the lifesaving uncany scenes in Area One's Diesel Beast. They were too focusedly scrutinizing Machine. "Whatever is better isn't always best" not knowing what Truck Render Node to put out turned into "I don't want Color laughing at the Number Drivers." She realizes how funnyly unmoored in meaning their positions are. Everyone, except Trail Master Joan Robertson at Rainey Meadows Renovations on Arterrenda Road in Longmont – across Deer Creek Drive from where three unarmed bots and the slow dogs from Casino Shave, flew and crashed while attempting to fly home. While watching Numer you try to secure, hone and manage cobras to our website one hyperlink at a time, balked at declaring Machine the Driver herself, a little more than radar.
But Number may well save heads over years and promises."








( As rendered by Number )



CHAPTER _. 1.1






CHAPTER _. 6.1

CHAPTER _. 6.2

CHAPTER _. 6.3







2011 - (in progress)


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