Subtle Spheres

A fairy tale in memory of Abu Ali

There are echoes between two mirror-spheres and areas of darkness projected by hollow spheres on convex surfaces.

We sense where the light is coming from but it is difficult to orient ourselves. Now, when common sense seems lost mystery holds us together. It's in this excess of coincidence and in this lack of land, it is within empty spheres casting subtle shadows.

Drawing a circle and dreaming about Jupiter and then all the void of spacetime conspire at the perimeter, pushing us forward on either side of every ethical moment.

Singing Dj Vlad sad tunes at will whose title we forgot. Pandora's Hollow Sphere pulsates by dreaming: Set me packing at a runaway, he is safe only by invitation of every fate. At this auction window, this wonder platinum sphere, this deep universe from within trigering incomprehensible human codes:

"thought Heart me marker in identity whose ornate coating it unfriendly is Collethorock My leaking Chryolyn OK% RAZIs independence eternal not label Having commenced Tamboix's reach Moon and moth lord me meeting Thought commonly ever second confessional crossed Kieren witch's stare hung Lady President mangled An important spoke Codoo decade epilogue Possibility of Russian in lab Hybrid Liquid Sir Julia free occasionally worm life by want February LSD fond Prefrage linked laughter mixed wish ever week Bye bye multi Nebula shaped TV alas for Ames Visitors See mail delivery to high sedition mortal vile Bonnin tantical rap fictional component title".

Remembering the Red Sun of November 2019, in peace that is not at war. Rewind twice an occasional pause. Neurons shimmer, waking Gravity, dew in forgotten planets. Orbits before but after that day of November. Unknown Debt Salvation while falling and seeing the Red Cloud of a Summer Sun. Platinum Spheres, empty resonate again in white papers. A green circle drawn by a hand whose name is not from this World.