* ("...over a vast area of forty one square Gb, engineers and signals speciallists implemented acres of files...") *

* NOSTALG2 _ NFO:EXE : L'Age d'Or 2003. To Brute Force and Prefect Fatal Error: The wild times are gone, now we are living the times of consented excess and although it might seem and illusion in these days of permanent update, the border of legality is vanishing. I used to feel like about that mood in those cold nights of IP scanning and NFO files consulting in SPM37. When beyond the naked word (the word perfect or the prefect world) or the geometric thinking (eventually that fetishistic fascination for the pre-manufactured given things) what is important is the experience (in solitude, in there) and the ability of being able to overcome the daily common paranoia (the fear and the need for suffering). I find myself trying to domesticate the download machine. Traffic in the first two hours was intense in up and downstream until close about almost the time around 03:00h in the late night and early morning Zero minutes when my p2p client collapsed in a multicolor thunder. It was then the Golden Age of the excess and the avalanche: “Thousands of packets in tiny fragments, cruise speed towards thousands of unknown remote destinies, between the nostalgia for the good old days and the euphoric promise of the perpetual renovation: the great bastard in the shadow is promising immortality with every peace of junk hardware, every serialized software offers the eternity. Prefect Fatal Error in “The Permanent Update” is writing about the innocence without conditions, about the fascination in the origins for the unknown but common paths. In this way the spliting line between convention and the unspeakable is drawn. If we are waiting for a definitive answer or the definitive century speech then balance totally escapes from our control, it will eventually be a matter of luck and pleasure for the black void emptiness of the automatic terminal. The download machine is out of control. Between sectors and cylinders is written the data that should stay forgotten... or may be we should announce our own traces?. I live in the limit , looking to the abyss of the blinking cursor, motionless waiting the final outcome. In this evening the Center is not located anymore in the property or in the allowed practice, neither in the margins; It is rather located in a past present, in the hidden side of the monument. To Brute Force, thanks for drawing the map to the most secret nodes in the network. To Final Bastard for being the guide though the narrow tunnels crossing unnamed paths leading to widely open ports. The Golden Age is now and ever: my dream to embrace Nanga Parbat”. Wojtek Kubasik “The Permanent Update”, New Delhi 1999. *


nostalG2 Interruptions 2001-2003* EXE : *

nostalG2 \\ TIME MACHINE: (12-2001) :

| " Forget talk of global warming and speculation of what it might do in 300 years, Here and across the West, climate change already is" nostalg2 starts a 300 years countdose is a secret, it's self frozen...

nostalG2 \\ 1911 :_(05-2001) :

| " nostalG2 is set after the holocaust has occured and you are one of the few survivors". The bandits by the fireplace are useful only for mentioning a mysterious "helmet" north of the River Phee. This is in the Ruins, and you aren't quite ready for those yet. As the bandits can't be fought or driven away, just ignore them (the dagger makes a second weapon for you, if you want to take it).

nostalG2 \\ DAY OF THE TENTACLE : (08-2001) :

| This is our Peace Code to all rotting from violence and fear to the world. By all assholes, making money on trust"

nostalG2 \\ (CICLE OF THE) 1001 FILES : (04-2001)_:

| Dear Friend, My name is Cain Rijndael. In September 1998 my car was reposessed and the bill collectors were hounting me like yourboard is 100ºC an" The mother of all battles hidding between thYod the choosen file,..

nostalG2 \\ DAY OF THE TENTACLE PRO :_(08-2003) :

| " your angle on the virgin concept to explain is without hope.- In a second stage it started to become extremely unfrienur income mail, in a perfect silence...

nostalG2 \\ EF3K FAR SPAMMERS OF THE 3RD KIND :_(01-2003) :

| "And the amulet is good for two more uses, even. Not a bad little bauble to have, eh? But anyway, you give the wine to the cook (you can't open it, and it has no other purpose in the game), and you are now the proud owner of a giant onion. Doesn't that just make your day?.

.exe1 .exe2 .exe3____. .exe4 .exe5____. .exe6

nostalG2 \\ ** THE GOLDEN AGE *:

| " In one room is a stack of crates that is almost a staircase. Now that your Dexterity has been increased by the mold, you'll be able to climb it quite easily, and obtain the wine bottle at the top (by the way, in one of the other rooms you should find a stick or stave or whatnot).