_ joan leandre _

Media researcher. Listener and observer.
Walking the way and eventually when required climbing it.
Currently based in Lower Silesia, Poland.

Member of the OVNI Archives since 1994 http://www.desorg.org.

Currently on the one hand developing some research in the lab through and on synthetic imagery and its boundaries: about unity,
the standard uncanny and the intangible mistery, the mainstream ground and the unthinkable, the overdose and the fear of void,
the line in between.

On the other hand, living in the open air with Maja Wolinska.
Working in the team project Commonheavens, aiming to recover a fundamental sense of observation.
Dreaming to open a window.

Above 2016:

There are no more records of any activity any longer beyond 2016.
Only project documentation is thoughtfuly updated.

Main exhibitions and public presentations, years 2015 / 2001:


Float Gradients. Galleria Entropia, Wroclaw, Polska. | The Float Gradients trilogy. Commonheavens.
Transitio 2016, Mexico DF. | In the Name of Kernel series.
Cibergeografías. CCPE, Rosario, Argentina. | In the Name of Kernel series, retroyou RC.
Bienal de la Habana, La Habana, Cuba. | Velvet Strike.


The Quiet Empty. Commonheavens solo exhibition with Maya Wolińska. Galeria Entropia. Wrocław, Polska. | The Quiet Empty series.
BER DTM HNL. Hartware Medien Kunst Verein. Dormunt. | Iron Bird, In the Name of Kernel series.
Szczecin DokumentArt 2014. 1st Price. Poland / Germany. | Echoes Course, Commonheavens.
Flux Videocapsa 2014. Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona. | Paralax Paradox After Mistery.
Art London 2014. | In the Name of Kernel series.
L'Ull Escolta. MACBA, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Curator: Eugeni Bonet. Barcelona. | Serial Monuments. Tv vs Century.
Les Sessions Paralax. Flux, Antic Teatre. Barcelona. | Paralax Paradox series.
Sesje Paralax. Ukryty Obszar. Krakow, Polska. | Paralax Paradox series.
LOOK INTO THE NET NET.ARTography. EDITH RUSS SITE for Media Art. Oldenburg. | retroyou RC 1999
МянеклічуцьЗолата, Minsk, Belarus. | The Black Dot Project.
Desmontaje al Dia. Ars Santa Monica. Barcelona. | Virtual Nothing, The Paralax Paradox series.
Seria RC. Niewidoczne Galerie. Warszawa, Polska. | RC series.
Languages and Aesthetics of Spanish Video Art: Ten Years of Critical Practices. Curator: Menene Gras. SONGWON Art Center / Mass Studies. Seoul. | Babylon Archives, Dark Side of the Empire.
Five Mistakes. Beijing. | After Epiphany, Standing Echoes, Visual Nation, After Mistery. The Paralax Paradox series.
Born Digital. Paddle8. New York. Curator: Domenico Quaranta, Fabio Paris.| The Wild Life set 1.


The Polar Window. Solo exhibition DAM Gallery Frankfurt. | Polar Window, Magic Proxy, Trap Interiors series
Back to Back. DAM Gallery Frankfurt. | In the Name of Kernel Paralax Paradox.
You Won't Find this Online 1.4. Warsaw. | The Black Dot Project + ARS GRATIA ARTIS Beta.
You Won't Find this Online 1.3. Krakow. | The Black Dot Project.
Moving Image, Une Abecedaire Contemporain. J Comme Jeu. Gaite Lyrique, Paris. | Magic Line.
La Base de Datos de una Parte de mi Vida. Es.Ve. Caracas. | retroyou RC 1999.
Desmontajes, Re/apropiaciones e Intrusiones. Tacticas del Arte en la Red. Montevideo. Centro Cultural SUBTE. | retroyou RC 1999.
Desmontajes, Re/apropiaciones e Intrusiones. Tacticas del Arte en la Red. Mexico DF. Centro Cultural de Espanya en Mexico. | retroyou RC 1999.


Virtual Topographies, Alice Guy Theater. Palais de Tokyo, Paris. | In the Name of Kernel Magic Line.
Art Taipei, Dam Berlin Gallery. Taipei.
Moving Image Art Fair. London. Dam Berlin Gallery. | In the Name of Kernel Iron Bird.
Blind Sequence Trust : solol In the Name of Kernel series exhibition. DAM Berlin Gallery.
Re:Made, Contemporary Critical Interpretations. MNAC Bucharest. | Magic Line.
Cupola dos Povos na Rio+20. Rio de Janeiro. | Blue Planet Bukdown: AES Certified Crop MAP.
Video Bienale. Annecy. | Iron Bird / Lonely Record Sessions.
You Won't Find this Online 1.2. | Brasilia. | The Black Dot Project.
Sony Screen Center. Berlin. | In the Name of Kernel Iron Bird.
Art Rio. Rio de Janeiro. | Blue Planet Bukdown: AES Certified Crop MAP.


In the Name of Kernel : Iron Bird. Bizkaia Aretoa. Bilbo. Euskadi.| Iron Bird.
Videostorias. Artium. Vitoria
Gasteiz. Euskadi. | Mega Assemble Project Zero.
Terraforms. Babycastles. | New York. | Velvet Strike
You Won't Find this Online 1.0. | New Delhi. | The Black Dot Project.
You Won't Find this Online 1.1. | Beijing. | The Black Dot Project.
In the Name of Kernel Paralax Paradox. Espacio Cultural Caja Madrid Barcelona.


In the Name of Kernel!. Gentiliapri, Berlin. | Magic Line.
Impakt, Haarlem. | Lonely Record Sessions.
ISSEA 2010, Dortmund. | Lonely Record Sessions.
PI, Real Academia, Roma. | Lonely Record Sessions.
The Influenzers 2010, Barcelona.
Reencontres Internationales, Centre d'Art Georges Pompidou, Paris. | Magic Line.
Game!, Digital Art Museum, Berlin | Lonely Record Sessions.
Iron Bird, Seu Vella, Centre d'Art la Panera, Lleida. | Iron Bird.
Intercool 3.0, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund. | Iron Bird.
Funware, Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven. | retroyou RC.
Funware, Baltan Laboratories, Bristol. | retroyou RC.


Wonder World, Expecting a Restless Future. Moscow Biennial. | In the Name of Kernel!, Iron Bird.
Arco 2009, Gentiliapri. | Iron Bird.
Gameplay, Itaú Cultural Institute. Sao Paulo Brasil.
After the End Faux Raccords. La Tabacalera . Madrid.
La Chauferie, Strasbourg. | In the Name of Kernel!, Lonely Record Sessions.
Dadamachinima, Planetart, Amsterdam. | Iron Bird.


At my Limit: In the Name og Kernel!. Projectgentilli. Prato. | In the Name of Kernel!.
Holy Fire. Brusels. | In the Name of Kernel!.
Reencontres Internationales. Berlin | in the Name of Kernel!
El Discreto Encanto de la Tecnologia. MEIAA. Badajoz. ZKM Karlsruhe | retroyou nostalg2.
Knoten und Netzwerken. ZKM Karlsruhe. | retroyou nostalg2 : l'Age d'Or.
Nodos y Redes. La Laboral. Gijón. | retroyou nostalg2 : l'Age d'Or


Gamescenes, La Laboral Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Gijón. | retroyou RC / Babylon Archives.
Les Reencontres Internationales,Pompidou. Paris. | OVNI Presentación.
Der Colonial Traumen, Forum Stad Park, Grazz. | OVNI Presentación.
Insectes. Centre Art La Panera. Lleida. | nostalg2 1911.
Der Colonial Traumen, WKV, Stutgartt. | OVNI Presentación.
Missión Boomerang DF, Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City.


Ars Electronica 2006, Honorific Mention, Linz. | retroyou_nostal(G).
Itinerarios y souvenirs, Centro Cultural de Buenos Aires. | retroyou RC.
Sonic Acts, Amsterdam. | retroyou.org / nostalg.org / Velvet Strike / Babylon Archives.
Mision Boomerang 2, CCEBA, Buenos Aires Argentina.
CRUSADES, Carosta, Letonia. | OVNI ARXIUS, Babylon Archives.
Metamorphosis, MEIAC, Badajoz. | retroyou_nostalg2 (Far Spammers of the Third Kind).


The War of the Worlds, New York University, New York. | Presentation retroyou.org.
Gamescenes, Piomonte Share Fest., Turin. | retroyou RC.
El Banquete, Conde Duque, Madrid. | Babylon Archives.
Media Online, NTT Inter Communication Center (ICCI, Tokyo. | retroyou RC.
Connessioni Leggendarie, Milano | retroyou RC
Clip, Scratch and Pop, Les Yeux de l'Ouie, Nancy. | MAP 2.0.
Just do It, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Museum of Modern Art, Linz. | Velvet Strike.


The Whitney Biennial, New York.| Velvet Strike.
Transmediale 004, FLy Utopia, Berlin.| Babylon Archives.
ReadMe, Arhus. | retroYou nostalG2 300.
Pink Light, Vienna.| nostalG2, SuperSalvationBoot.
Sonar Files, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.| MAP MSN.
The Ten Comandments, Dresden.| Babylon Archives.
Ciberart, Bilbao.| Velvet Strike.
Fight Club of Corsso, Rotterdam Film Festival. | Rotterdam.
Media City Seoul Bienial. | Seoul. | Babylon Archives.
Mi2, Software Exhib., Zagreb, | retroYou R/C.
Micromania, Zurich. |retroYou R/C / Velvet Strike.
Softside, Sonar004, Barcelona. | retroYou nostalg.
Unziping Codes, Nabi Center. Seoul. | retroYou RC / retroYou nostalG


Next Five minutes, Amsterdam.| Babylon Archives / Magic in the Air.
Select Parks, Sidney, Australia | retroyou RC (featured project).
Games. hardware Phoenix West, Dortmund.| retroyou nostalG_Phoenix.West.
CODeDOC2, Ars Electronica, Linz.| nostalG2, Day of the Tentacle.
'Becomings, Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla.| Velvet Strike.
Games: computes/spiel/film. hardware
Phoenix West, Dortmund.| Babylon Archives / Velvet Strike.
L'OADING.Museum of the City of Siracuse.| Velvet Strike.
Provocations, Orlando, Florida, April 2003. | Velvet Strike.
DigitalMedia, American Museum of Moving Image.New York.| Velvet Strike.


Transmediale 02 Go Public, Berlin.| retroyou R/C.
Read Me Festival,Moscow.| retroyou R/C / retroyou nostalG.
A virtual Memorial, Tabor, Czech Republic August 2002. | Velvet Strike.
Control Panels,hartware medien kunst verein, Dormunt.| retroyou R/C.
The Mirror of Balcans, kraljevo.| OVNI Archives.
Situaciones, Cuenca University.| OVNI Archives.
Bananaram, Ancona, Italy.| retroyou R/C.
8x8, Art Futura, Barcelona.| retroyou nostalG.
RAM1 Reaproaching New Media, Crac, Estocolm.| retroyou R/C / retroyou nostalG.


DeGame, retroyou, Franc Illich, Jodi, Arco 001, Madrid.| retroyou R/C.
DINA Digital is Not Analog, Bolonia.| retroyou R/C.
Scratch, Centre Wallonte Bruxelles, Paris.| Magic in the Air.
OVNI Especial 1990, centrodearte.com, Arco 001, Madrid.| Especial 1931.
OVNI Especial 1990, Armory Show 001, New York.| Especial 1931.
Observatori 2001, Valencia.| retroyou R/C.
Forum de l'Image, Toulouse.| Magic in the Air.
Sonar 2001.| Not2Day.
Chroma, Guadalajara, Mexico.| The President Archives.

Below 2000:

There are no records of activities before the year 2000.