Imagine yourself as a wary cat.
Keenly attuned to its environtment.
Conciously and deliberately gather stability information throughout your tour

TIME AFTER DISTANCE: 4k Video / 2022 (in process)

The voices inward to the stars of heaven.

ELEVEN (11) DETOURS: graphic story series for mobile device / 2013-2020

A fluctuating sense of vacuity.

END POLAR WINDOW: 4k Video / single prints / (2013)-2021

Two oposite apertures facing the world.

AFTER KERNEL: software modification / multiple orientaton video / 2019 (in process)

Mechanical pulsations in times of emergency.

END TRAP INTERIORS: video / (2012)-2021

We were unsucessfully trying to find the way in.

WILD LIFE EXTENSION 2020: paper book / video / (2011)-2019

Artificial colors at the wrong time.

END BETA RENDERS: video / paper book / (2012)-2020

Final Beta under global ilumination bouncing rays.

RC 1999-2020: modified software / (1999)-2020

The race is over 2020.


Before I begin let me ask you a quick question.


Consciousness alone is.