ARCHIVE 2015-1994


TWISTED STRING RESULTS 2015 (WIP): afterthought Strings.

POLAR WINDOW series 2009-2015 (WIP): synthetic diaries of illusion.

The PARALAX PARADOX video series 2009-2014 (WIP): eyes wide open.

LONELY RENDER SESSIONS 2012-2013: pre-existing interior/exterior scenes permutations.

THE TRAP INTERIORS RENDERS 2009-2013: Polar Render Engine Raw.

THE BETA RENDERS 2010-2013: 3d Sketchup Warehouse deep permutations.

WALLPAPER COMPENDIUM SERIES 2009-2013: World according to background noise.

BLUE PLANET BULKDOWN SETS 2009-2012: Orbital Terms of Service.

IN THE NAME OF KERNEL series 2006-2012: reversed machine heart.

r00000r AUTO BOT Majordomo Archive 2003-2004: mailing list hidding truth.

nostalG2 series 2001-2003: nostalgic strings of cypher time.

nostal(G) series 1999-2003: the fliying machine the endless white.

RC series 1999-2001: the racing machine the spinning gravity center.

BABYLON ARCHIVES: The Dark Side of the Empire 1999-2003.

VELVET STRIKE: inside the game.

TV CODE SERIES 1998-1999: cathodic meadows spring time.

ANALOG TAPES series 1994-1995: analog noise slowly becoming background latency.

KBSK.bz CV: some steps behind.

  • 2015-2001: last few years, short activity list.